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County Line Seed is your local home for Corteva products and TruChoice financing.
With access to many different vendors, we are competitive & reliable. 
Stop in or give us a call to talk about pricing!


County Line Seed offers high-quality seed from Pioneer® Hi-Bred International.  We carry a wide variety of corn, soybeans, sunflowers, grasses, alfalfa, sorghum, and milo.  Our state-of-the-art seed treatment facility provides treatments for soybeans, corn, and wheat.


We are focused on current trends and changes in the agriculture industry in order to keep you knowledgeable of new product improvements.  Please call Stuart or Carter to answer any questions you may have about Pioneer products!


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Maximize your yields while minimizing input costs with AgStudio Services.  Granular provides growers with tools they can use to improve their bottom line.  Allocating fertility treatments, recording yield data, and seeding prescriptions are some of the services that AgStudio offers.  By showing growers how their data works for them, Granular Services can help better manage field planning and planting to help ensure a successful growing season.  With Granular Insights, growers can break down ROI and view profitability maps at an operation level down to a subfield level.  

  • Ensure that your nutrients are put where they are most needed.

  • Generate variable rate seeding prescriptions for individual fields with multiple hybrids.

  • Combine multiple years of valuable & useful yield data to ensure fertilizer & seed are being used to their fullest potential.

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LumiGEN seed treatments are the industry standard when it comes to protecting your seed during planting and throughout the growing season.  With many different options available on the market, our state-of-the-art seed treatment system can help effectively meet your needs.

  • Lumisena:  Fungicide that protects against Phytophthora root rot.

  • EverGol Energy:  Fungicide that protects against Pythium, Rhizoctonia, as well as Fusarium.

  • PPST 2030:  This is our biological and colorant.  It is what makes Pioneer seed green, along with helping stimulate rhizobia which in turn leads to better root growth and nodulation.

  • Gaucho:  Insecticide seed treatment protecting against bean leaf beetle and soybean aphid, along with many others.

  • iLeVO:  Helps protect against Soybean Cyst Nematode, as well as Sudden Death Syndrome.

  • 120+: Inoculant that helps improve nitrogen fixation and prolongs rhizobia for up to 120 days after application.


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