County Line Seed offers high-quality seed from Pioneer® Hi-Bred International.  We carry a wide variety of corn, soybeans, cover crops, sunflowers, grasses, alfalfa, sorghum, and milo. Our state-of-the-art seed treatment facility provides treatments for soybeans and wheat.


We are focused on current trends & changes in the agriculture industry in order to keep you knowledgeable of new product improvements.  Please stop in or call Stuart at (605) 940-5464 to answer any questions you may have!


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Maximize your yields while minimizing input costs with Encirca services. Encirca services provide growers with tools they need to improve their bottom line.  Monitoring nitrogen levels, tracking historical weather, allocating fertility treatments, and recording yield data are some of the services that Encirca offers.  By showing growers how their data works for them, Encirca services can help better manage field planning and planting to help ensure a successful growing season.  Give Sam a call at (605) 467-9000 for more info.

  • Independently monitor nitrogen levels while simulating different nitrogen plans on a field-by-field basis.

  • Track historical and hyper-local weather through Encirca services’ partnership with DTN/The Progressive Farmer.

  • Generate variable rate seeding prescriptions for individual fields with multiple hybrids and much more.

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360 Yield Center products focus on nitrogen management.  At 360 Yield Center, they feel that of all the factors that contribute to production costs and yield, nitrogen has one of the largest impacts.  Small improvements to nitrogen (N) utilization can increase profitability on your farm.  


360 Yield Center offers new tools that allow you to measure and supply the right amount of N when the plant is ready to use it.  Some of their products include YieldSaver, SoilScan, Y-Drop, UnderCover, and ChainRoll systems.

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This new product, Furrow Cruiser, is a spiked closing wheel which is a direct replacement for the stock corn planter press wheel.  It helps improve      seed-to-soil contact and offers a unique combination of sidewall crumbling and soil firming.


  • Allows young roots to penetrate sidewalls.

  • Fits into your existing closing wheel hub.

  • Prevents furrow from re-opening.

  • Angular tooth design helps prevent clogging.

  • Built-in depth control allows for use with multiple crops.

  • Works in virtually all soil and tillage conditions.

  • Especially effective in saturated soils.

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We offer a full line of Yetter products, which are constructed to withstand even the toughest field conditions.  The floating sharktooth row cleaner is an established and proven winner locally and in almost all planting conditions.  


Yetter is recognized as the leader in designing planter attachments, precision fertilizer placement, and bulk seed handling products.

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