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In the market for a BRAND NEW planter? Give us a call! 

We have teamed up with Harvest International out of Storm Lake, Iowa

to offer brand new, fully customizable bars that fit your exact needs. 

Check out their story at or give us a call to discuss.


In the quickly changing world of biologicals, Rosen’s Inc. has been a valuable partner in understanding what products and strategies work in our environment.  We strive to filter out products that aren’t applicable for our growers and promote ones that show us the most ROI.  Emergence and early vigor, in-season stress mitigation, and late-season grain fill are specific areas we target when suggesting these products. 
Click on the logo to the left for more detailed info on Rosen's biological products.


County Line Seed is an authorized dealer for NACHURS fertilizer.  NACHURS fertilizers are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials to provide ease of application, available nutrients, and crop safety.  NACHURS liquid fertilizers offer a variety of products for flexible applications including in-furrow, banded, strip-till/side-dress, and foliar.  These fertilizers are premium products that come at an affordable price.  The high orthophosphate content and low salt rating ensures crop availability and safety.  County Line Seed chooses to carry NACHURS products because of the company’s background, knowledge, and products that ensure ROI.

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We offer a full line of Yetter products, which are constructed to withstand even the toughest field conditions.  The floating sharktooth row cleaner is an established and proven winner locally and in almost all planting conditions.  Yetter is recognized as the leader in designing planter attachments, precision fertilizer placement, and bulk seed handling products.
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The Furrow Cruiser is a spiked closing wheel which is a direct replacement for the stock corn planter press wheel.  It helps improve seed-to-soil contact and offers a unique combination of sidewall crumbling and soil firming.  Copperhead Ag also offers a variety of rebuild kits for gauge wheel & closing wheel arms for most planter types.


  • Allows young roots to penetrate sidewalls.

  • Fits into your existing closing wheel hub.

  • Prevents furrow from re-opening.

  • Angular tooth design helps prevent clogging.

  • Built-in depth control allows for use with multiple crops.

  • Works in virtually all soil and tillage conditions.

  • Especially effective in saturated soils.

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360 Yield Center offers a number of cutting-edge products that help us capture top-end yields.  They have a variety of products to help feed our crop in-season with the planter and sprayer, as well as combine products that offer reduction in shatter loss and improved residue management.

Click on the logo to the left for more detailed info on 360 Yield Center products.


While we offer a wide variety of cover crop seed, our main supplier is Millborn Seeds.  They provide a team of experts who help advise us and our growers to make sure we have the right fit for their farm.  Give us a call with any cover crop questions and we will help you find an answer.

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Outback Guidance is an industry leading company that offers full aftermarket guidance and steering solutions for agricultural use.  With terminals that have the capability to go from a free WAAS signal all the way up to RTK, growers can choose their accuracy level.  With Outback Guidance having a large footprint, we have the capability to add auto steer and guidance to most tractors operating today.  Outback offers an Isobus-ready terminal, as well as a single product rate controller that we can put on sprayers, spreaders, and NH3 application equipment.

Click on the logo to the left for more detailed info on Outback Guidance products. ​

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